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How to Name a Painting (Tips and Ideas)

how to name a painting: tips and ideas

There are many ways that an artist can name their paintings. Still, the most popular methods involve giving it a descriptive name or naming it after someone important to them.

Naming artwork can also determine the price of your paintings. Indeed, there are many different ways to give your artwork a meaningful name. If you are still pondering this, check out some of the best tips and ideas for inspiration.

Tips and Ideas For Naming Paintings

There are no rules set in stone when it comes to naming your paintings. However, here are a few tips and ideas to help you get started:

Keep it Simple

When coming up with a name for your painting, try to keep it as simple as possible. A short yet simple name will make it easier for your audiences to remember and pronounce.

Use the Title of the Painting

If you are having a hard time coming up with a name for your painting, why not use the title of the painting itself? It can be a great way to show off your work and give people an idea of what they are looking at.

Create a Name that Reflects the Mood or Feeling of the Painting

Another name you can consider is attempting to reflect the mood or feeling of your work. Such a name help people get a better sense of what they are looking at and how they feel about it

Use Famous Artwork Names as Inspiration

If you are struggling with coming up with an idea for your name, why not look around online? You can find inspiration from another famous name of the artwork and try to emulate that.

Create a name Around the Colors used in your Painting

Some people prefer colors when naming their paintings instead of titles or moods. Calling your paintings with gorgeous and expressive color shades can be an interesting way to names for your work

Ask Friends, Family Members, or your Fellow Artists for Suggestions

It might be fun to ask your friends, family members, or fellow artists for help when it comes to naming your paintings. This way, you can get some outside perspective and come up with something truly unique.

It is also exciting to know how people view and feel about your paintings.

How to Name Artwork?

tips and ideas for naming paintings

The name can be as brief and easy to remember as possible so people can recall it when talking about the painting or looking at its inventory listing. Hence, you can make sure that they should be simple enough to say and spell.

It’s helpful if the name also describes what you see before you, so give your piece a name that accurately reflects its content.

Descriptive titles can be a great way to name your painting, but make sure that the title doesn’t give away too much about the painting’s content. For example, you might name a landscape painting “The Rolling Hills of Kentucky” or an abstract painting “Rainbow Explosion.”

If you are naming a portrait after someone, name it after the central figure in the painting.

You can also name your paintings after what’s happening within their content. For example, name a painting of your dog running through the grass “Max’s Fuzzy Run.”

But don’t be worried about making the name too long or including several descriptive terms. It’ll still be easier to remember than just calling the piece “painting number five” or something like that.

There are some General Principles to follow When Naming Artwork:

  • Keep the name short and easy to remember
  • Use descriptive terms that accurately describe the painting
  • Avoid generic names such as “Woman with a Pearl Necklace.”
  • Avoid using the artist’s name or title in place of your name, for example, calling it “The Mona Lisa” instead of naming it after yourself

If you cannot name your Artwork, here are some Tips for You:

When in doubt, ask the artist what they would like to name their painting. They will probably have a good idea about reflecting the work’s content in its title.

If you’re not sure who the artist is, do some research and find out before making any decisions.

Name each painting individually with the name of the artwork (painting) and the artist’s name. Titles like “painting” or “work of art” are not helpful, but instead make it difficult for someone to find your work when they search on google.

For example, the painting “Untitled” by John Doe would be named “John Doe – Untitled (oil on canvas)” or “John Doe – Untitled (16×20 inches)”. If you name your artwork this way, someone interested in finding paintings by John Doe can simply search on Google, and all of your work will pop up.


Creating art is one thing, but it also takes much pondering and contemplation to come up with a suitable name for your artwork. Artists often name their paintings short and simple for their audiences to memorize and recall afterward.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for naming artwork, but following these guidelines is a good place to start.

When naming your artwork, make sure that you are creative and original. No matter what name you decide on, make sure that it represents you and your work in the best way possible. So get creative and have fun with it!

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