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How to Organize Colored Pencils

how to organize colored pencils

Colored pencils come in multiple pieces, making it confusing for us to sort them, especially when a new set arrives. What should we do with our color collections to easily retrieve the exact one we need while drawing?

Well, there are indeed many ways to organize your colored pencils. Some people organize them by the main color, some organize them by brand, and others classify them in the order they prefer.
This blog post will discuss the different organizational methods and how they work for different people.

What to use When Organizing and Storing Colored Pencils?

1. Colored Pencil Stands

Pencil stands are often made of wood, which is lightweight yet aesthetically pleasing for artists to use. They also come in various forms, allowing users to customize to their liking.

Depending on the number of pencils you have, you can take one with 24 holes, 36, 48, or even 72 holes to keep your collection neatly.

Quality pieces also feature space for pencil sharpeners or erasers, making it easy for us to reach anything we need.

2. Colored Pencil Holders

Another popular accessory in almost every artist’s arsenal is a colored pencil holder. They can be a pencil wrap with up to 72 slots or a bag pouch with multiple pages to classify your pencils in color families. You can also opt for pencil cases that hold up to 120 colors.

These designs are excellent for organizing, storing, and carrying around. You can place nearly every pencil in your assortment then bring your case to the drawing sites.

3. Jars and Label Markers

Are you seeking affordable and convenient accessories to keep your pencils well-organized? If so, plastic jards and label markers are the best choices.

Just find clean, preferably transparent or semi-transparent jars high enough to keep your pencils standing upward. Then, put the label markers showing the brand name, family color, or any specific details you want to remember on the jar.

What Order Should we Sort our Colored Pencils in?

what to use when organizing and storing colored pencils

Method One: Organize Colored Pencils by Color

This method is the most popular way to organize colored pencils. It is straightforward to apply for any colored pens or pencils.

  • First, place all the pencils you have on the table, and determine how many color families there are
  • With the number, prepare a jar or container for each color. You can use any container you want, but some people prefer to use small cases or organizers specifically designed for colored
  • pencils. The compact design makes it easy to grab the colors you need and move them around
  • Then, just put all of the pencils of the same color together in the respective container

This method works well for people just starting with coloring because it makes it easy to find the colors they need.

Method Two: Organize Colored Pencils by Brand

If you organize your colored pencils by brand, it is easy to find the ones with the right textures for your drawings. This method works well if you have a lot of brands or if you like to use a variety of color shades and textures.

To organize by brand, all you need to do is put each brand in its container.

This method is best for people who use only one type of colored pencil. For example, if you exclusively use Prismacolor pencils, it would be easier to organize them in a container or drawer that separates the different brands.

Method Three: Organize by order Used

One more way to organize colored pencils is by using order, and it can be handy for some people. Essentially, you would organize your colored pencils in the order you plan to use them.

If you organize your colored pencils by order used, it is easy to find the colors you are looking for. This method works well if you only have a few colors or if you like to use the same colors repeatedly.

To organize by order used, all you need to do is put each color in the order you use it. This method can be used by using a notebook or creating your system.


This post has shown you the best ways to organize your colored pencils so that they are easy to find and use. Hopefully, this will help make coloring more enjoyable for children and adults alike. Do you have any other questions? Let us know in the comments below. We hope you found our suggestions helpful.

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