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How to Store Brush Pens?


how to store brush pens

A good set of color brush pens cost a lot of money and if you are using them for your work, you need to take care of them properly so they can last a long time. One of the things that you should know is how to store brush pens properly.

This article will teach you some of the methods that you can use to take care of your precious brush pens so you won’t have to worry about buying replacements soon.

Step-by-Step Guide

How you store your brush pens will affect the way they work in the long term. If you do not take good care of your markers, you will find that they will not be working as intended, if they actually work at all.

Here are the steps on how you can store your brush pens the right way.

What to prepare:

  • The case that the markers came with or
  • A plastic desk cabinet

Detailed steps:

Step 1 – Consider the type of ink used by the markers

consider the type of ink used by the markers

You will need to check what kind of ink your brush pens are using. If your pens are using alcohol-based ink, they need to be stored on their sides, especially if your brush pen has two tips. Storing the pens on just one end will cause the ink to flow to just one nib, which will cause the other to dry.

If your brush pens use oil-based pens, you also have to store them horizontally. However, unlike alcohol-based inks, oil-based inks do not dry quite as quickly. You need to store them on their sides to keep the ink evenly distributed between the two nibs. This will make it easier for the pens to get started when you need to use them.

On the other hand, if your pens are using water-based inks, you can store your pens either horizontally or vertically. The only pens that use water-based inks are watercolor ones. If you are using these pens, then you can stow them away however which way you want.

Step 2 – Consider the number of nibs

If you are primarily using single-tipped brush pens, you can store them either vertically or horizontally. However, you will need to consider the type of ink that your pens use, as mentioned above.

On the other hand, if your pens have dual nibs, a brush nib, and a fine-tipped felt tip, you have to store your pens on their sides. This will make sure that both nibs are equally saturated with ink. Storing them vertically will make the ink flow down to just one tip while leaving the other one dry.

Step 3 – Consider the brand of the markers

You should consider the brand of the markers as they usually have specific storage instructions that might not be the same as the ones mentioned above. If you still have the original packaging of your brush pens, check the back for storage instructions and follow those.

If you no longer have the packaging, you can check the official website of the brush pen brand and navigate the site for instructions.

Step 4 – Choose your storage container

If you bought your brush pens as a set then they probably came with their own storage case. Some brands came with canvas bags and dividers to keep the pens organized. However, these bags are often flimsy so you cannot really place them on their sides for horizontal storage.

The better option, in my opinion, is to use the small, plastic desk drawers. These drawers are the perfect size for brush pens. They can hold a couple of dozen pens per drawer and they can also be labeled to make organization much easier.

Why Do You Need to Store Your Brush Pens Properly?

why do you need to store your brush pens properly

Ease of use

If you store your brush pens properly, it will be much easier for you to find the colors that you have to use. This means you no longer need to waste your time browsing through dozens of pens just to find a single pen.


Storing your pens properly will also make them last longer. Storing them in the right position will keep the ink inside the pens properly distributed, which will keep the nibs saturated with ink to make them easier to get started whenever you need them to write.


Knowing how to store brush pens properly will not just make them last a lot longer than expected but will also make them easier for you to use. Proper storage will make your pens always ready to write and free of clogs. Just this simple task can ensure that you can make the most use of your expensive brush pens.

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