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What Markers to Use on Shoes

what markers to use on shoes

Different people use different platforms to showcase their artistic side. Some show it by painting on canvas or any other medium, while others like to paint on unique surfaces such as on customized shoes.

Painting on shoes can be fun, but you need the correct type of market to achieve the best result. So, what markers to use on shoes? This article will list the best markers that produce excellent results when painting on different types of shoes.

Angelus Paint Marker

The angelus paint marker is highly-recognized as one of the best markers to be used in customizing shoes and sneakers. This paint marker comes in standard, metallic, and neon colors while having a water resistance feature once applied to the shoes.

Angelus paint marker also provides versatility in working well with other surfaces. It can be used in leather pants, bags, and furniture. Any items made with leather or faux leather work well with this special marker.

This marker also comes in a refillable form, allowing you to fill in different colors of your choice. It also comes with a specialized pump action valve that will let the user control the flow of the paint to add some creativity to the painting.

Apart from being replaceable, the tip of an angelus paint marker is reversible too. One end comes with a chiseled tip which is perfect for creating shapes and lines. The other end features a rounded tip best used in doing line work and other small details.

DecoColor Markers

Another type of marker which works great when applied to shoes is the DecoColor marker. This brand is known for its dependability and quality. The DecoColor markers also come with different color varieties to ensure you have enough options to choose from depending on your color preference.

This marker has been proven for drawing or filling any art form on shoes or sneakers. Once applied, this marker will release a thick paint that stays for a while. It also provides versatility in holding other surfaces such as leather, wood, ceramic, and glass.

The best thing about this marker is it’s drying really fast while its colors can be mixed or put together to come with a unique art form. In addition, you can also remove the colors if you want to by using turpentine oil.

Overall, the DecoColor markers provide versatility and should work in painting shoes. This high-quality marker will give an opaque coverage while leaving a glossy finish to the surface of the shoes.

Posca Paint Markers

Versatility is the greatest asset for this paint marker to make it look good when applied to sneakers or shoes. The posca paint markers have the ability to dry permanently on any surface, making this product popular among artists.

Posca paint markers, when applied to shoes, are permanent. But if you want protection from outdoor threats, using some waterproofing or sealing spray can help make the shoes’ mark last longer.

Another upside to using posca paint markers is its waterproofing features. Once it is applied and dries up on the surface of the shoes, it is basically waterproof. But, it can eventually fade if the shoes are wet regularly.

Overall, posca is an excellent brand that will work well when used on shoes. It will work best when trying to add small details to the design of your shoes. Its waterproofing features will help in making the design last longer than expected.

Krylon Leafing Pen

The Krylon Leafing pen has all the features that make it perfect when painting shoes or sneakers. This marker is popularly known for its versatility as it can be useful for different types of surfaces. Any shoes, regardless of surface, can have a beautiful customized design printed using this marker.

Once you apply the marker to the shoes, you will notice a metallic finish that looks like an actual plating. It also dries quickly, which is an advantage to the user. The pen also comes with a chisel tip that will allow the user to make thick or thin lines to make various designs.

The Krylon leafing pen is also available in various colors, but the most popular one is the 18Kt Gold. If you want to write or add an accent of gold to your shoes, this paint will do the job easily. The small tip of the pen also allows the user to have some flexibility in drawing turns and curve design.

What Markers to Use on Leather Shoes

what markers to use on leather shoes

Shoes are made with different materials, which means not all markers will produce a desirable result once applied to different types of shoes. For leather shoes, the Angelus leather paint marker is recognized as one of the best markers that do well with leather shoes.

Other notable marker brands have also come up with markers specially designed to work best on leather shoes. Posca and DecoColor markers are exceptional when used in leather shoes, especially with the variety of colors available that allows the artists to play with color combinations to come up with a unique design.

Another marker brand that also does well on leather shoes is sharpie markers. This product is an oil-based marker, meaning you need to test it on leather scraps before using it. If you like the result of the way they lay on the surface, you can start using it on your actual leather shoes.


If you like designing or customizing your shoes, then learning what markers to use on shoes is extremely important. Many different markers are available, but a few only work well once applied to a shoe’s surface. Our recommendations are proven effective and are used by many people who love customizing shoes.

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